A.I.M. Indiana/Kentucky

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1. Spirituality 2. Sovereignty 3. Support 4. Sobriety

Anyone who embraces and actively supports these principles is welcome to join with A.I.M of Indiana/Kentucky in the liberation and advancement of our peoples and nations.


First the A.I.M of Indiana/Kentucky is a spiritually guided movement.


Central to our freedom and liberty as the original, indigenous nations and people of the Western Hemisphere, is the inherent right of our Indian nations to exercise their own control of their territories and societies.


Support within A.I.M of Indiana/Kentucky begins with the individual, extends to support of the Indian family, expands to embrace our extended families, our community, our Indian nation, other Indian nations, and, finally, all of creation.


Respect for Elders - Because the elders of our movement carry the experience and wisdom necessary for the guidance of our struggle.

Respect for Children - As our elders represent the pool of wisdom connecting us with our traditions, our children represent our common potential for the future.

Respect for Women and Men -We often forget the lessons that have been given to us through our traditions, ceremonies and stories about how we should live our lives and treat one another.

Respect for Our Community -In this urban setting, Indian people are often estranged from one another. We must rebuild our faith in one another, and rely on each other for support and mutual defense.



The effects of drugs and alcohol have killed more Indian people than the U.S. cavalry could ever have hoped to. Every one of our lives has been touched by the destructiveness of drugs and alcohol. It has destroyed our friends, our families, our relationships, and threatens our very future as Indian people. We must turn our back on these scourges, and exclude them from our movement. AIM members should strive toward complete sobriety, and we should assist and support each other toward that end.



Understand that the American Indian Movement of Indiana/Kentucky is a grassroots activist group. Not a SOCIAL CLUB, there are times that we will be called to stand up and fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. To show up in force to make our voices to be heard and to show solidarity and support of Native issues and with other Native people throughout the state.