A.I.M. Indiana/Kentucky

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A) First and foremost to support and endorse the National American Indian Movement in all directives ; IE Sovereignty issues, Burial desecration, sports and other mascot issues, and obtaining the freedom of political prinsners; IE Leonard Peltier.

B) On a local level our commitment is to protect sacred sites, ceremonies, spirituality, traditions, cultural heritage, ancestral resting places, rights to carry sacred objects, religious rights, and the right to practice our soverign rights as a Native Nation to be self governing and to advocate and stand for the sovereignty and self determination of Native people within the state of Indiana and the Western Hemisphere. While stopping the financial and personal gain of any and all who are abusing these culturally significant ways.

We maintain the right to practice freely the seven grandfather teachings of


Nibwaakaawin - Wisdom

Zaagi'idiwin - Love

Minaadendamowin - Respect

Aakode'ewin - Bravery

Gwayakwaadiziwin - Honesty

Dabaadendizwin - Humility

Denwewin - Truth


As bestowed upon us by the Creator

We strive to protect our women, children, and elders from state sanctioned attacks.

We demand our people have full status, input and directon for any and all gain of economic development within our lands. That any and all economic resource gains be allotted by the Nation of those lands, without any other nation government oversight.

A.I.M. Indiana/Kentucky Board Members

Chairman - Albert (Kope P'ay Ahn Kooie) Ortiz (Kiowa, Yaqui, and Spanish)


Co-chairman - Thomas Edward Pearce

Secretary - Monica Picotte (Dakota)

Treasurer - Nate Jones

Membership - Pending

Adviser Kentucky - John Hubbard (Lakota)


Adviser to the Latino/Latina Indigenous Community Of Kentucky - Karla Alfonso (Honduran)


Adviser to the Latino/Latina Indigenous Community Of Indiana - Carrie Castoreno (Apache/Yaqui)


Security - Tony Castoreno (Apache)